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  1. Rk Raja
    November 11, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Hello Everybody

    I am also a victim of misuse of 304B. My in-laws are AWARE of the fact even they lodged an FIR. Currently I am on Bail from Patna high court BUT after coming from jail my office has NOT allowed me to join (waiting for their reply since 9th sept, 2010). I was a senior software engineer in a MNC in NCR.

    Incident Details:
    1. We are blessed with twin baby boys in sept, 2009
    2. My office planned to send me London so I took them to my native place.
    3. Planned was postponed after this she assumed that I did not want to keep her with me so I made a false story (even after showing the VISA she was not ready to believe me).
    4. I was not taking her back here because my VISA was valid till 13-Apr-2010, so office may send me any time and one more important reason was take care of twins will be difficult for her.

    Now we come to know that wife of my brother-in-law(who has lodged the FIR) has also committed suicide in 2001 and they were also facing similar case. My wife (before marriage) was also in one of the accused. Three accused arrested/surrendered in court and my wife was sent to his MARRIED sister.

    Six year latter they married this girl to me in 2007 with changed (duplicate) name against her wish. She wanted to marry younger brother of her brother-in-law, where she was hidden during police investigation in 2001. She had started threatening us like she will commit suicide and you all will be forced to sell each bricks of this well furnished home. We had informed her Father, Mother and Brother many times.

    She was studying in class 7 at the time of incident (2001) with the same as in FIR lodged against them. I think they did not follow the process of name change like making affidavit and publishing in the news paper.

    We have their FIR No, Anticipatory bail request number at Patna high court and we are in process of getting the complete case details. My father-in-law was a army personal so we are also trying to get her name from his service record.

    Now I want to know that whether it will be helpful in defending us or making a counter case against them.

    Best Regards,
    RK Raja

  2. WhereIsMensWorld
    March 6, 2015 at 8:14 am

    My Nephew got married before a year and now since 8 months his wife has gone back to her parents. Since the day of marriage she was never bothered about the relationship and a lot of interference from her mother & father. Now they have send a legal notice stating mental harassment and dowry asking for Rs.5,00,000/- and 15,000/- a month as settlement. My Nephew has consulted a lawyer and has replied those people but now the they have filed another case in the Family court for the same. The salary of my Nephew is just 10000/- and his wife’s salary is 8500/-. My Nephew, his mother & father are extremely straight forward people and the counter parts are strong and experienced as they have the wife’s brother who has been separated from his wife too. They are aware of the prevailing laws that favor 100% only to the female. My Nephew is depressed just by the thought of going to the court without any crime committed. The lawyers are playing their game. Can the Cell be of any help in such a case. And Cell contact in the city of Surat, Gujarat.
    I never knew till this happened in my family, that there actually were no laws for men and all for only women, irrespective of the fact that she is wrong or right.

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